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Dr. Sergio Rios, MVZ

What does MVZ stand for? Médico Veterinario Zootecnista. The youngest of 9 children, growing up on a farm just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, Dr. Rios has always had a deep love of helping animals. His very first pet was a cow named Korina. Born to parents who believed in education, Dr. Rios attended university like all of his other siblings and joined his brothers and sisters in professional careers of law, medicine, architecture and engineering.

Dr. Rios received his veterinary degree from the University of Guadalajara in 1985 while also playing soccer for the University. Unlike traditional veterinary schools in the United States, the study of veterinary medicine in Mexico equips students to practice in a broad range, covering practically every species. Dr. Rios began his practice focused on farm animals and especially enjoyed working with horses.

Shortly after he relocated to Southern California in 1989, he began helping companion animals in a supervisory position at Los Angeles Animal Services, one of the largest animal control agencies in the world. During his nearly 30 years of service, he not only was credited with helping to increase adoptions from less than 30% to a nearly 95% adoption rate through his out of the box ideas, but he was also one of the most respected supervisors in the department – both by staff and volunteers. Dr. Rios was recognized on many occasions by the Los Angeles City Council and multiple neighborhood groups for the compassion he displayed for both animals and people.

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Shelley Rios, Attorney At Law

Shelley grew up in a small southern farming town where hard work was instilled at an early age. Also instilled was her passion for animals – caring for orphaned cats, dogs, horses, ducks, fish, frogs and any other creature that needed assistance. Shelley attributes all of her accomplishments to God and supportive teachers and influential mentors He put in place early in life who taught her that if she focused, she could go anywhere and do anything she set her mind to.

After graduating from college at Louisiana State University, she was a flight attendant for Atlanta-based Delta Airlines for several years where she enjoyed travelling within the United States and internationally. Eventually settling in the Los Angeles California area, Shelley ultimately found a career in real estate that matched her customer service devotion with love of contracts and interior decorating. Year after year, Shelley was recognized at the international brokerage where she worked for her performance and integrity. She also became the branch training director, interim manager and was selected among her peers as Realtor® of the Year.

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