For dogs who are picky about their friends.
Friendsville™ Day Stay
Day Stay at Friendsville™ Animal Center is an alternative for dogs who aren’t a fit for traditional Day Play because they are too shy or uncomfortable in group settings or because they just prefer human playmates over dogs (which is totally okay – it’s just a personality trait and doesn’t make them bad dogs).
Day Stay Dogs

These types of dogs frequently have no options in finding any type of daycare or the opportunity to ever participate in fun activities in open space. Friendsville™ Animal Center recognizes that every dog has different needs which is why we provide Day Stay. If you’re looking for Day Stay for your cat, visit HERE.

Some situations where Day Stay is a great alternative:
  • Dogs that don’t pass the social evaluation
  • Dogs recovering from surgery

  • Senior pets with mobility limitations

  • Underage or unaltered dogs

  • Dogs with separation anxiety who need warm cuddles and hugs throughout the day

Basic Day Stay for dogs starts at $40 for a half day (up to 6 hours) which includes a private room. One-on-one activity options tailored to your dog’s age and development are available with the Premium upgrade.

There are many options for Day Stay so your pet can have fun solo!