PuppyPreK Program
Key ingredients for a well-rounded pup!
PuppyPreK Program

There are critical windows of time in a puppy’s development that can set him or her up to be a confident, stable, happy and human/dog friendly canine citizen. At Friendsville® Animal Center that window of time is where we focus our training. Different from basic training (which is also important), the PuppyPreK curriculum focuses exclusively on socialization with multiple humans and dogs; exposure to cats; playing on different textures, terrains, surfaces, water and sounds; and, gaining balance in our sensory enrichment yards which includes stairs, tunnels, platforms, spindles, A-frames and tug toys.

The 6-session program is open to healthy puppies 8-16* weeks old who have had at least one round of vaccinations, are dewormed and have some sort of identification tag/microchip. We believe the advantages of socializing young puppies far outweighs potential risks prior to the full vaccination schedule. (*Trainer approval required for older puppies.)

The curriculum is action packed…because that’s the Friendsville way!

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