Grooming / Spa
No rush, we will handle the brush!
Friendsville™ Grooming & Spa

From Poodles to Pomeranians and Doodles to Danes, we will seek to understand your style and pay close attention to your pet’s body composition and specific needs so that after a day at the spa, they feel relaxed and look fabulous – and you get bragging rights! (Grooming services are available exclusively to Friendsville® Pets who regularly board or participate in day play at the Center.)

The Experience

Grooming can be stressful and each dog has their own personality and energy level.  The priority of the grooming team at Friendsville™ Animal Center’s is to emit a calm energy and steady patience in order to create a special environment for guests.  The ultimate goal is to assure them that the grooming process can be therapeutic and something to enjoy and look forward to.

Additional Assurances:
  • Groomers will monitor pets at all times while in the tub or on the grooming table.
  • Groomers will use cage-free blow drying or fans with no heating elements.

  • Groomers will offer pets rest breaks as needed.

  • Groomers will offer water and potty breaks throughout the day.

  • Groomer will stop grooming if a pet becomes overly anxious and the groomer feels the pet is too stressed to continue. For their own safety, some pets need to be sedated to be groomed. Sedation should only occur at a veterinarian’s office under medical supervision.

Drop-off for grooming services is between 8:30am to 9:00am.  Generally, pick-up is between 4:00pm and 4:30pm.  Please call to make sure your pet is ready prior to pick-up.  If we finish grooming your pet early, we will call to let you know and if we are running behind schedule, please be patient because we seek to give each pet the time they need to make their grooming experience pleasant.