Make friends on the playground!
Friendsville™ Day Play
Day Play is designed for the most social and well-mannered guests. During Day Play, dog-friendly dogs are placed in small groups with other dogs who are similar in size and activity level and then they get to play and explore on 10 acres (including splashing in a double-bone shaped pool if they are aquatically inclined). Day Play is supervised at all times by trained Animal Care Specialists.
Pup, pup, horray!

Once your pet has passed their social evaluation* and been approved for Day Play, you can schedule your pet to attend on a regular basis, and also add Day Play to their reservation when boarding with us.

Get the Playground Rules!

Working together, we can make your dog’s Day Play experience awesome. Simply click on the rules below to view more information.

When you first meet new people you have a lower comfort level with them until you have interacted with them and they have become more familiar. It’s no different with dog friends. Dogs have more fun after they get to know each other on multiple occasions. While we know it’s not always possible, if you can commit to bring your dog at least once a week, on the same day, they start to build a playful rapport with the other dogs on the playground.
Many pet parents purchase Daycare packages and have standing reservations on a select day of the week.  Advance reservations are always required for pets to participate in Daycare and priority is given to guests with standing reservations. Not only does purchasing a package save money, it allows super quick check-in and check-out!

The safety of all of our guests (humans and pets) is our top priority.  Please do not let your pet run from your car to the parking lot.  There are so many unpredictable injuries that could happen during that brief moment.

The risk of life-threatening “bloat” increases when dogs participate in vigorous activity soon after eating.  For this reason, we do not offer feedings for Day Play guests and we ask that pet parents make sure their pets have had ample time for food to digest after the morning meal.

Fleas and ticks love dog Day Play too!  Because they are transmitted from pet to pet, and since   Friendsville™ Animal Center offers acres of grassy play areas, we require that pet parents treat their dogs on a regularly monthly basis with a veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventative.  We also encourage administration of heartworm prevention because of the active nature of Day Play.

The reason pet parents love us is because we have tons of space here for dogs to romp, swim and roll.  While we try to keep our Day Play guests on artificial turf when there is water on the ground, they seem to find every last wet spot! Our Animal Care Specialists will do their best to wipe down your pet after a day at Friendsville™, but their primary role is to supervise pets at play.  If you would like to schedule a bath in the Groom Room prior to departure, please request this service by calling us in advance of the scheduled Day Play.

Cancellations for daycare reservations do not incur a fee, but as a courtesy, we request 24 hour notice.

View Required Vaccinations.  (P.S. don’t forget that Bordetella is required every 6 months)

Our staff is trying to get home to their family and pets too, so we ask that you please respect the pick up times. Day Play runs from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for non- boarding guests.  If pets are not picked up prior to closing, they will be provided food and a room for the night with the appropriate charges.  (For boarding guests, Day Play is available every day – even on the weekends!)

Our Part:

Working together, we can make your dog’s Day Play experience awesome. Simply click on our part that most interest you and more information will appear.

In order to evaluate your dog for Day Play or other services at Friendsville, you must make an appointment for a Preadmission Assessment Evaluation.  The goal of this time is to evaluate your pet’s behavior and how he/she interacts with humans and (if applicable) dogs of a similar size.  If he/she is being evaluated for Day Play, we guage play style, body language, how he/she reads other dogs, signs of aggression, socialization experience, anxiety level, arousal level (whether they are submissive or overly energetic) and how much individual attention the dog will require.  The safety of your pet and the other furry guests in our care is our top priority.

While assessments are ongoing each time your pet visits Friendsville Animal Center, this initial assessment gives us an idea of where your pet will fit in at Friendsville.  The Preadmission Assessment Evaluation is $50 (payable at the time the appointment is made).

We offer Day Play in either full or half-day increments and packages are available for full days.

At Friendsville™ Animal Center Day Play, we have separate large and small dog playgroups. Even though large and small dogs live together harmoniously in households around the country, our job as part of your extended pet care family is to err on the side of safety in everything we do.  While accidents can happen between dogs even of the same size, the chance of a small dog getting injured (and injured more significantly) in a big dog playgroup is a risk we aren’t willing to take.

When inclement weather appears, the fun doesn’t have to stop.  The inside BALLroom has artificial turf ready for fetch.

Napping on and off during the day is what dogs do.  Even though they may take rest breaks during Day Play, napping dogs in a group setting are still on alert because of their natural instincts.  Dogs that get overly exhausted during Day Play are less tolerant of other dogs which is counterproductive.  At Friendville™ Animal Center we believe in formal rest periods as part of Day Play to ensure your dog’s continued mental and physical health.  Your dog is provided an individual space during rest period to allow for full relaxation.

For pet parents who purchase packages, you can be in and out of our parking lot on your way to and from work in about 10 minutes! View our specials here!

An Animal Care Specialist is physically present during active Day Play groups at a ratio of 1 staff member for every 10 dogs.