We are part of your pet care family!
Dog Daycare

Furry and human friends are made daily at Friendsville™ Animal Center’s Dog Daycare program. Developed with our philosophy of being part of your extended pet care family, Dog Daycare is the perfect fit when your active dog is boarding with us; you have to work long hours; are having work done to the house; having company visit; or, when you need a special and safe place for your furry-child to get more exercise and supervised interaction (especially if they get into mischief at home on their own).

Whether your dog is a social butterfly who loves to play with the pack or one who prefers human playmates instead, the Dog Daycare program can accommodate different personality types when you choose either Day Play or Day Stay!

The benefits of Day Play or Day Stay are wagglingly good for you or your pet!

Day Play
Day Stay

Without lots of play and stimulation, dogs can become bored and destructive. They can also become overweight which diminishes their quality of life and shortens their life span. At Friendsville™ Animal Center Daycare, guests get physical and mental stimulation which maximizes their overall health while building confidence with other dogs and people.