Name: Cassie
Gender: Female
Age: Approximately 6-8 years old
Possible Breed(s): Border Collie, Collie

How did you become a scholarship pet? 

The owners of Friendsville Animal Shelter found out about me being at the Maryville, TN Animal Shelter and came to meet me.  Supposedly I hadn’t already been adopted because people said I had “crazy” eyes.  They aren’t crazy I can assure you – it’s just that my long nose throws people off a bit.  I got to be a scholarship pet because when I introduced myself to the owners, I buried my head in their laps and got some long desired petting.

Tell us about yourself?

My ideal home would be one where I have a very secure yard on a low traffic street.    I love things that zoom so chasing cars to me is not only good exercise for this older lady, but I try to catch them for sport.  I would also rather be the only dog and there shouldn’t be any cats or small critters around (because my Border Collie kicks in and they don’t seem to like it).

How can you meet me?

The very first step is filling out an adoption application.   (Please make sure you get a confirmation that your application has been submitted.)  After your application is received, it’s reviewed and if we may be a match, you’ll be invited to come meet me!

Anything else?

All scholarship pets are spayed/neutered, current on age appropriate vaccinations and microchipped before going to their new home because that’s the responsible way to keep us all safe. Oh and another great thing is that all scholarship pets get 30% off boarding for lifetime at Friendsville Animal Center, LLC.

Is there an adoption fee?

Yes.  While we receive free room and board at Friendsville Animal Center, the adoption fees help to provide food and any medical care we may need during our stay (and pays it forward to other scholarship pets that find their way here).  Here is some information about the adoption fees.